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We are an insurance and reinsurance broker who provide capacity and solutions to to our risk-carriers, insurance intermediaries and corporate clients on the international markets. This access to the global insurance market is very important when dealing with high-exposure risks and risks that require significant resources.

We provide assistance to French and European brokers who are having difficulties placing a risk. Our teams seeks specific schemes within the world marketplaces, whether it concerns insurance, co-insurance or reinsurance programs.

We mobilise significant reinsurance resources for our clients that include insurance companies, provident institutions and mutual insurance organisations. We advise our clients on their risk-transfer within the international reinsurance markets. We also help them to find additional capacitiy in order to cover the major risks and risks with a high degree of exposure.

Thanks to our assistance, they benefit from:

  • reduction of their commitments on individual risks,
  • protection against numerous and significant losses,
  • higher underwriting capacities.

Our expertise in Reinsurance, Treaties and Facultatives

Whichever branch of insurance is concerned,
We can help to set up your reinsurance treaties by mobilising our skills and expertise:




If you encounter specific risks (catastrophic risks, risks excluded from your treaties or beyond your abilities),
we are able to lookfor Facultative Reinsurance solutions for you.

At the heart of the London market

We became a Lloyd’s Broker in December 2015 and susbsequently opened a permanent office in London one month later.

Our Lloyd’s Broker certification provides us with direct access to the Lloyd’s market and enables us to seek insurance solutions within all of the Lloyd’s syndicates. This opens the doors to a highly responsive market for the benefit of our clients and partners. Thanks to a face to face negociation (underwriting is delegated to a person rather than a company), the decision-making process is immediate.

The Lloyd’s of London hold a very specific position within the world insurance market. It is not an insurance company, but an insurance market consisting of several syndicates of insurers. This provides an exceptional financial strength which allows this market to obtain competitive premiums and niche products that end-clients may not find in their local markets.

Having an office in London is even more strategic given that the city has become the main entry to Europe for major global insurers. VGM is thus at the forefront in linking the French and European companies insurance needs with the capacities of global insurers.