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Verspieren Global Markets is a subsidiary of the Verspieren Group which is the first family-owned insurance broker in the French market.

Since 1880, Verspieren aims to provide its clients, both private individuals and companies, with the best in terms of services and insurance solutions.

In 2019, the Group realised 405 Million in turnover, steadily increasing over the past 10 years, with 21 companies and more than 2 000 employees.

Verspieren Global Markets supports the growth of the Group’s activities and more specifically with regards to its specific fields. As an example, a significant volume of premium relating to Construction and Medical malpractice businesses are placed in London via our Group.

Dominique Le Chevallier
Managing Director

Our philosophy

We are open to the world, curious, imaginative, agile, reactive and tenacious. We assume that there is always a solution, and that if there is none, we will create one.

We are well-informed, rigorous and experienced professionals. We are interested in global markets because they also require wide-ranging expertise.


Verspieren Global Markets is distinguished by its strict compliance requirements.

We are constantly monitoring the market place to ensure that control processes applicable to our underwriting agencies and the binders, managed by other Group teams, are kept up to date.

Our employees receive regular training on the monitoring procedures required by the management of binding authorities and delegated management.

Lloyd’s proximity and our status as a Lloyd’s Broker provide us with access to a high level of international compliance requirements.

Our markets

Depending on the issues faced by our clients, we operate in all global insurance markets. We usually work with the Paris, London, Zurich and Hamilton, Bermuda markets.