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Nous mettons à leur disposition, ainsi qu’aux intermédiaires d’assurance en quête de solutions pour leurs clients notre savoir-faire et notre puissance d’innovation, concevant des produits d’assurance et de réassurance, et négociant en leur nom des mandats de souscription.
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Ensure the continuity of your business in all circumstances with our insurance offer

Your vehicle inspection centre may suffer a loss of business if one of your inspectors is out of work.


This can have consequences for your business, particularly in terms of your bottom line, reputation and the quality of service you provide to your customers.


It is therefore essential that you take steps to reduce this risk. We can help you compensate for this business interruption with our policy, which covers the accidental stoppage or death of your technical controllers.

Notre garantie

We offer comprehensive cover to protect your business in the event of the absence of your technical control employees.


  • In the event of work stoppage, we offer you an indemnity of €500/day for a maximum of 45 days, with an excess of 15 days. This indemnity compensates for the financial loss due to your employee’s absence. The maximum cover is €15,000 per claim.
  • In the event of death, we pay a capital of €15,000.


With specialised insurance for car garages, you can rest easy knowing that your business is protected in all circumstances.

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